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Camp Bayou Bruisers is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the magic of camp.


Camp Bayou Bruisers is open to youth from ages 7-17:

  • Who have bleeding disorders

  • Whose parents have bleeding disorders

  • Whose siblings have bleeding disorders

Benefits of Attending Camp Bayou Bruisers:

Develop Life Skills:

Camp Bayou Bruisers is intentionally planned to weave together FUN and purposeful activities that promote growth, and resilience and build self-esteem.

IMG_0982 (2).heic

Lifelong Friends & Community:

Camp Bayou Bruisers’ campers have a sense of belonging when they come to camp and are forever a part of the Camp family! This is a community of people all with the commonality of the same health issues. This belonging fills the gap with feeling alone and can lead to shared coping skills, and support for each other in years to come. Special learning occurs when one can bond with others dealing with similar issues.

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Creates space for PLAY & Connection with nature away from screen time:

When today’s youth are away from their screens, this precious and rare time makes room for creative thinking, a new sense of play, learning skills for regulating their own stress, enjoying the present moment, and increased relationship-building skills.

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Promotes Independence & Teamwork:

The structure of this camp allows our campers to get the experience of thinking independently while being within the safety net of a managed environment. This growth-promoting environment will lay the foundation to help our campers in dealing with life’s challenges on their own, and can positively lend to making wiser future life choices. At camp, there are many chances to work as an individual and a part of a team--their cabin, unit, or camp team. These skills will help them navigate through life with a bleeding disorder and life as a family member.


Camp Bayou Bruisers provides campers with abundant opportunities for

Laughter, Fun and Adventure! Send your child with the added security of having our medical staff provided by the Louisiana Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders (LCBCD)

Transportation will be provided.

Recap of Camp bayou bruisers 2022

Camp Bayou bruisers
May 28 - June 2, 2023

To be held at:
Burton, TX

To learn more about Camp For All, click here.

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